i like typing without capitalization on the internet and social media because it feels a lot less formal, and i feel like more of a friend writing this way. 

here you can find my portfolio displaying my photography, copywriting, digital media skill, an in-depth look at the "victoriaxstyle" brand i created, read my blog, and browse and book the services i provide. 

i have a bachelor's of science and i am in the finishing stages of obtaining a master's in business. 

i am a positive and hard-working individual that wants to contribute to brands with purpose. currently, i contract my skills and services out to businesses in need of branding, content creation, and social media management. i specialize in content creation, blogging, photography, branding, social and digital marketing and strategy. i am creative yet analytical and a critical thinker. 

my content creation skills have a proven track record of generating revenues over $700 from one social post. my campaign and social strategy skills have amplified ticket sales for athletic brands and have drastically increased sales for small businesses. 

i strive to be apart of a company that has a conduct and duty to do good for the world, while allowing me to express my ideas, be creative and work as an asset to a hard-working team.

i find purpose in this world by creating content that makes an impact, that makes a difference, and has a purpose. i like to remind the world to be kind, always find the silver lining, and to embrace their passions.  

i see everyday as an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to push myself one step closer to my dreams, and an opportunity to add something to this world. (please look into my on-going campaign, #mondaysaregooddays)

you can always contact me here: hello@victoriasquirlock.com or direct message me on instagram; i would be overjoyed to hear from you.

thank you, truly, for visiting my website. i hope to hear from you...

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