a nyc guide for every sneaker head

first and foremost... download google maps. google maps gives you STEP by STEP walking and subway (how many stops, which stops, how to get to the subway) directions. it is KEY to taking advantage of the subway systems in nyc. and key to this nyc tour. everything on this tour can be found in google maps.


let's start in midtown. midtown is any street from 25th to 60th. below 25th you get into lower east and west sides, soho, chelsea/meatpacking district (which we will address later on) and above 60th you get upper west and east sides, central park, etc. personally i have never found anywhere sneaker worthy uptown (which is why uptown will not be address in this post) but i'm sure there is something there i have not discovered... anyway.... midtown!

let's first start at the Museum of Modern Art. 54th street between 6th and 5th ave. there is an entire exhibit dedicated to "clothing and accessories that have had a strong impact on the world in the 20th and 21st centuries—and continue to hold currency today." the information, fashion, and experience is a good one to start off this tour. and it is FREE ON FRIDAYS FROM 4-8pm! (at this location you are not too far from central park so if you wanted to make your way more uptown you will walk directly into central park, but this tour will continue to scale downtown). now let's walk to 46th street, about a 6 minute walk.

the corner of 46th street & 5th ave (5th ave being one the the most famous fashion avenues) houses the 2nd stop (and my favorite location) on this sneaker tour: adidas 5th ave brand flagship store has three levels of sneakers an apparel, exclusive nyc graphic tees, a turf and play area, a customization area, travis scott and other awesome artists playing through the speakers. this store is interactive, full of life and has soo much apparel & sneakers in one place that you can easily spend over an hour in this store. sometimes they have talks, events or even random fun things going on in the store that make it a "must."

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 1.55.09 PM.png

pro tip: this adidas store is right near bryant park which is a fun, pretty place to stop at. there are always mini pop up stores and mini pop up food places in bryant park. bryant park is between 42nd and 40th street and 6th & 5th ave.


MAJOR PRO TIP: and shout out to an employee at adidas for telling me this... there is a best buy two blocks down from the adidas store that you can charge your phone at if its dying. play on a macbook for 20 minutes while your phone is charging.. brillant.


i'm going to jump down to soho now because that is where the next clump of sneaker shops are but don't mistake the huge jump for a lack of things to do. i'm just trying to keep this post as to the point and short as possible.

671EB973-64FB-44E5-BBD9-089191F95066 2.JPG.jpg

alright! so depending on whether you went to bryant park first and then adidas or vice versa (lets assume the first option) walk to the corner of 48th street and 6th. grab your metro card (and adidas merch you hopefully just purchased) and take an F train DOWNTOWN. (downtown is literally downtown.. street numbers become lower) SIX STOPS. get off at LAFAYETTE STREET.

surprise! another adidas store! im kidding, im taking you to kith. but there really is another (huge) adidas store when you pop out of this subway. so pull out google maps and type in "kith" and change it to "walk." (keep google maps in "walk" from this point on) you will be less than 2 minutes away from kith but depending on which way you are standing when you come up from the subway, its easier for all of us to just follow google maps at this point.

so here we are! ronnie feig just completely redid the kith store in soho and i am pleasantly surprised. 3 floors. every one more aesthetically pleasing than the next. mini exhibits, a hugee sneaker wall, cozy and dope fashion, DELICIOUS CEREAL ICE CREAM, etc. there is so much here! i spent around 15 minutes eating my ice cream (2nd floor) and looking out of the floor to ceiling windows waving at random people on the street. honestly, it was fun and my taste buds were satisfied after. there are so many brands in this store too, i spend a good amount of time in the fitting room.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 1.55.37 PM.png

ALRIGHTY! next stop... supreme. 3 minute walk. probably 30 minute wait to get inside. (rolls eyes) but hey.... the hype is real. type supreme into your google maps app and it'll take you right there.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 1.55.29 PM.png

so now you are officially in the heart of soho and there are stores EVERY WHERE. vintage, popular brands, cute boutiques, FOOD. explore! don't feel the need to stick to every detail of this guide. i'm just trying to put some key points on here.

so i did this little tour with my cousin and we know Nike isn't my top brand to wear... but she loves it so we stopped by their SOHO store. type Nike SOHO into google maps. Nike SOHO is one minute from supreme. honestly, i was thoroughly impressed with the layout of this place and we spent a good amount of time in there. first floor is for customizing your own air maxes. second floor mens, third women's, etc etc. there's 5 floors. i'll let you guys figure out what the rest of them are.

okay all aboard the hypebeast train.... next stop: BAPE.

3 minute walk from Nike SOHO. go in, you know you want too.

type it in to google maps and... boom. here you are.

right across from Bape is the adidas originals store on spring street.

@ this point you will literally be SURROUNDED by shops: Louis Vuitton, Y-3, Chanel, Dior, Ray Ban, lululemon, Balenciaga, Urban Outfitters, etc etc. these are all name brands (and im aware some are expensive name brands) but i want to give you guys an idea of whats around. the shopping in soho is amazinggggg, there is cobble stone on the streets, its less intimating than midtown, there is street art everywhere, boutiques, vintage shops, galleries, and amazing food all around. go explore!


if you are down for more exploration, sneakers n stuff JUST opened up an interactive, fun, and huge store @ 22 Little West 12th Street. this is right in the heart of Meatpacking District which is full of artsy stores, amazing food, the high line, etc etc. meatpacking district is a little off the beaten path of this tour, which is why i'm adding it at the end. its a 20 minute subway from kith or from adidas flagship if you want to add it to the tour.


with that being said, would you guys like another post on food places to try on this sneaker tour? or fun exhibits to pass by on this tour? galleries? other must see stores that might not be sneaker related? let me know!

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