#MondaysAreGoodDays - October 1st, 2018.

whats up, monday?!

alright guys, it's the start of the week and you're ready to hit it STRAIGHT on.

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yesterday i got active and played some sunday tennis and before playing, i literally could not remember the last time i even held a tennis racket.

BUT, every time the ball was served over the net and bounced off my racket, i hit it with more accuracy, more concentration and more POWER. 

now... i want YOU to take on every serve that comes your way this week.

good or bad, i want you to accurately assess the situation, concentrate on the lessons you can learn, set up for your return, and then i want you to send that serve back with POWER and POSITIVITY.

if you feel or see negativity coming at you from across that net, you set up your body language, you keep your feet moving, and you respond and return with POWER and POSITIVITY.

and throughout the week, you’ll be the server. make sure you are sending your positivity over that net. make sure you are sending out kindness and compassion to the world.