one step in the right direction - #mondaysaregooddays - september 24th, 2018

how to get motivated

all it takes is a couple steps forward and you’ll be right on track.

why does it seem like actually getting started is the hardest part? i’m not really sure, but what i do know is whenever i am having trouble getting started i remember how good to feels when you finally accomplished something.

yesterday was a lazy sunday so i spent the whole day in my PJ’s lounging around and the last thing i wanted to go was hit the gym… but after eating lotsssss of pizza the previous day, i knew i had to go.

so i started at the very beginning. i remembered that big progress is a series of simple steps. so first i grabbed some of my favorite adidas gear and changed out of my PJ’s.

a step in the right direction.

immediately, my mindset is starting shift.

oooooo, i LOVE these leggings. hhm, what sneakers do i want to wear for my workout today??

i grabbed a pair of my sneakers and headed out the door.

another step in the right direction.

once i parked my jeep @ the gym, i actually sat and stared at the entrance door for a solid 5 minutes.

wow, i really don’t want to go in there

my outfit made me excited but once i remembered i actually had to get my ass up and start moving… lol… a different story.

i wasn’t very excited or motivated for my workout but i was there at the gym, and i wasn’t turning back… that would just be plain sad and pathetic. so i complained in my head for a bit (lol) and then opened the car door, walked up the stairs, and swiped into the gym.

more steps in the right direction.

something i always do before i workout is jump on the treadmill. (yes, i happen to be one of those people that actually enjoys the treadmill) — it’s important to warm up your muscles before a workout, and i like to kick start my heart rate by spending some time on the treadmill.

somedays i’ll do an entire treadmill workout, somedays i use the treadmill as a part of my workout, somedays i use it as a simple warm up.

but because i was soo tired and unmotivated with no real excitement to workout (and if you’re not excited or in the right mindset your workout will SUCK… and who want’s that? not me!)

so…. i took a couple steps.

how to get motivated

i just simply walked on the treadmill for TEN minutes.

i was proud of myself for getting to the gym yesterday in general so there was no point in setting unrealistic or too high of expectations for the beginning of my workout. i knew that a walk at 1.5 incline at 3.5 mph was all i was getting out of myself for the time being. and that’s what i did. i have no shame saying i walked. honestly, walking is so good for you! and its better than nothing!

i used this ten minutes to make a spotify playlist for my workout which was another step that pushed me in the right direction. spotify playlists always make me happy and excited for a workout :)

after the ten minutes, my heart rate was increasing and a sweat was starting to pour.

hhm… let’s run a bit.

i amped up the speed and starting jogging for a bit.

i can go faster than this…

i ended up finishing up a thirty minute treadmill session with some hardcore sprints.


and now that i’m sweating like a giant beast… time for a leg workout.

i spent over an hour at the gym and completed an entire workout i was very impressed and proud of. BANG BANG!

now… if you asked my napping ass 2 hours prior if i thought i was doing sprints and an entire leg workout today, i would’ve laughed.


i put on the gear

i laced up the sneakers

i opened that door

and i hit “start” on that treadmill

and all i did was start with a couple steps… 

the first step is always the hardest

the important lesson here is that if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the entire project, the entire workout, the entire whatever… just start. start at step 1. every step in the process is admirable… just keep taking steps and don’t quit. eventually.. you’ll get it done. and you’ll be proud.

it is not of much importance to focus on the “whole” of something when it simply will not get done UNLESS YOU START.

so just start. start with a walk. start with some steps. i promise, once you get the ball rolling…. the rest will come so, so easy. and you’ll be so happy that you started.

there has never been a person who regretted a workout, who regretted starting a project, or who regretted taking the first steps to follow their dream.

go get ‘em!

happy monday! thank you for reading!