skincare for girls who sweat: review

when i first wrote this article in May, you will see that i actually recommended adding detoxify exfoliator… and now its here and i could not be any more impressed. i’ve never been to the Fiji islands… but for some reason this stuff smells like what i think the tropical, crystal clear beaches would smell like lmao

you can literally feel this product eliminating any residue, junk, and unwanted overlays on your skin but also adding important nutrients. after you apply this mask and wash your face, you will feel so refreshed and feel that GLOW from the inside out.

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recently i was sent FRÈskincare’s 123FRÈ Skincare Resilience Set which is formulated for women who SWEAT 💦 FRÈ claims to be light, fast absorbing and creates bold and beautiful facial skin, both during and after you workout. this set uses Argania Active Complex as it's active ingredient to combat the majority of exercise and sweat-induced damage to facial skin without interfering with the beneficial cooling and cleansing process of sweating. (i like the sound of that!)

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this set comes with:

1. Protect Me Defense Facial Moisturizer: this acts as a moisturizer and sunscreen that won't clog pores, prevents dark spots, combats photo-aging & environmental damage, softens skin and promotes a healthy natural glow. you use this product as a daily moisturizer and directly before a workout.

2. Purify Me Hydrating Facial Cleanser (this happens to be my favorite part of the set): this cleanser restores the natural pH balance of skin, unclogs pores & removes toxins, prevents breakouts, soothes redness and hydrates & nourishes skin. i use this product every single morning and every night after i take my makeup off before bed.

3. Revive Me Deep Replenishing Serum: this product regenerates collagen and improves skin elasticity, combats environmental aging effects, improves skin firmness and density, reduces wrinkles, replenishes lost minerals and vitamins, and promotes a health and natural glow.

so, clearly this set claims to do A LOT. on top of all this, with every set purchase, FRÈ plants an Argan tree to protect the environment and empower women who harvest Argan oil in Morocco. (amazing) let's try it out!

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when i was younger and even into highschool and first years of college, i never had skin problems. i would legitimately use hand soap and water to wash my makeup off and to wash my face at night with no issues. of course i had breakouts and cystic acne when i was realllly stressed out, but nothing too concerning. within the past year, the acne on the cheeks (which is a place i never had acne before) had actual scarring and was reoccurring, never subsiding, and making me hate looking in the mirror. no joke, i would go to bed after washing my face and doing some exfoliating using a random exfoliator and cleaning wash from CVS (that's about as fancy as i get) and i would wake up the next morning with even more acne. here are some lovely (lol) photos below:

skincare routine for girls who sweat.jpg

**i am wearing no makeup in either of these photos**

so let's start off this this review by noting that, truthfully, i don’t know a thing about skin care. i mean, okay, i know to NEVERRR (seriously, don't do it) never sleep with makeup on and always wash morning & night. so first off: this EASY and EFFICIENT 123 set fits in perfectly with my non-stop, sweaty lifestyle. it's actually as easy as 1, 2...3 (sorry that was a lame joke but it's true)

skincare organic vegan cruelty free.jpg

this was how i used the set:

morning: dampen face, apply Purify Me cleanser, let sit on face for 1 min, use damp towel to remove, pat dry

morning: apply Protect Me sunscreen/moisturizer

evening/night: wash off makeup, dampen face, apply Purify Me cleanser, let sit on face for 1 min, use damp towel to remove, pat dry

night: Revive Me Serum

skincare routine sweat organic vegan .jpg

for two weeks I used Purify Me twice a day with the Revive Me Serum at night. i did not use the sunscreen every day because my skin naturally does a good job at staying moisturized. i applied the moisturizer every other day or every two days as needed. i always applied this before an outdoor workout though.

so, for two weeks i did this routine, working out as much as i normally do, and wearing makeup as i normally do (i do not wear makeup everyday and when i do, i like to keep it light) and these are the results:

skincare sweat routine before and after.jpg

so, i don't think you even need me to type it out but.... this stuff definitely WORKED. **i am wearing no makeup in either of these photos and i am sitting outside while writing this blog post when i took these photos** i am so grateful and amazed by this product! for so many months i would wake up and ACCEPT the fact that my cheek acne was now just apart of me. also note that i have been to dermatologist who would give me introduction acne treatments and acne wipes, but it never did much of a difference. it was also treatment routines that were not fast drying, left films on my face, and were directed to be applied at not-so-ideal times for me.

this routine is so easy and perfectly formulated in its ingredients and in its mission. a skincare routine that works with my busy, fitness filled, sweaty life, helps saved the environment, helps empower women, and actually works. i'm 100% in.

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lastly, i think there is one thing that can be improved upon or maybe be added as an addition to this 123 set. while this product completely removed the acne on my cheeks, i also have acne around my hairline near the temples of my eyes. this is because i am constantly touching my face, fixing my hair and talking on the phone, so naturally i break out there. the FREÈ set definitely reduced the redness in this hairline/forehead area but did not get rid of the acne completely. i think a simple solution to this would FRÈ formulating a "spot treatment" kind a product that specifically targets problem areas.

overall, this product really aligns with my lifestyle and moral code and IT WORKS. i am very pleased with the results and i definitely gained some lost confidence back. thank you FRÈ for sending me this set, i will definitely continuing using!

feel free to email, comment, or message me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or want to talk about how much you liked this product too! don't forget to use my code VXS25 at checkout for 25% off :)

*disclaimer: these products were sent to me to try and all opinions, words, photos, and comments are my own*