#MondaysAreGoodDays - It's December!

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monday motivation

alright so december really came out of NO WHERE and i am finding myself totally overwhelmed by due dates, deadlines, obligations, work, finding time to buy presents, dealing with personal things... shall i go on? *phew*

so when i find myself filled to the brim with responsibilities and i start feeling a little cloudy... i take to my journal.

DECEMBER GOALS” is immediately written across the top of the page in big letters. 

it’s underline THREE times with intension and purpose.

i remove my pen from the paper to take a couple minutes with myself and my thoughts.

next i sectioned off the boxes:


monday motivation blog set goals how to get motivated benefits of writing things down


five things were written in the section. one including getting A MASSAGE. yes, that’s one of my goals for december.

as a very active human, working out 3 times a week, being a waitress 3 times a week, and just constantly moving from one place to another puts an incredible strain on my body and man... do i feel it. there is NOTHING wrong with #SELFCARE! getting a massage is nothing but healthy. happy holidays to YOU and go treat yourself to a massage, i know i am...


it’s good to look at life from all time perspectives. “what do i have to do today?” “what do i have to do this week that is most the important?” “in this month, THIS must get done” and the most important one, “will this matter in the grand scheme of my life?”

think about it! short term and long term goals should always be analyzed. 

write them down.

monday motivation how to stay motivated benefits of writing things down


this one is self explanatory. be an adult and learn to budget, save, and figure out how to MAKE MONEY!!


this is not the time for excuses. it’s time for execution.

start writing down your goals, SPEAKING them into existence, and start putting efforts into making shit happen! you got this!

if you need help getting organized, feeling motivated, to hold you accountable, to coach you, or simply need someone to talk to help figure something out... i’m here for you.

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