ways to enhance & embrace your own creativity and self expression

practicing and learning my own creative styles and embracing my own ways of self expression is the reason why i am at the stage in my life. self expression calls for self awareness, and self awareness calls for self reflection. self awareness cultivates confidence in one's self, creates a clear vision for one's desires and goals, and allows one to focus on the real. you can eliminate the sh** that doesn't matter because you have embraced and enhance your own self and your own style. keep reading if you want to learn how to enhance & embrace your own creativity and self expression and achieve new levels of self awareness and confidence. enjoy :)

1. use recourses to help kickstart your flow

  • workbooks: if you're just getting started, it might be hard to know where to... well, start. and thats ok! self expression might be hard to channel at first. but there are so many ways to help. for christmas this year, my parents got me "a book that takes its time: a unhurried adventure in creative mindfulness." each chapter has couple written pages to help you think and learn about the topic of the chapter (focus, time management, breathing, learning), then has mini journals within to make you stop and think and reflect, and mini projects to enhance your creativity in combination with your own self expression that has been learned about in previous pages. i was thinking about recording my journey through this book, let me know if this is something you would want to see.

  • journals: grab a journal. pick one out with a quote, design, or aesthetic that you like. here is where you can tap into your own self expression. this journal will be yours; let it represent you; let it show your self expression. self expression starts with self awareness. and self awareness starts with self reflection. reflect on your day, reflect on your goals, reflect on what upset you or what made you happy today. look on pinterest for journal prompts. you got this.

  • self expression resources: one resource i absolutely love is "the school of life" this company's main message is emotional intelligence and self knowledge. the resources are endless; i highly recommend checking it out.


2. use fashion

  • this is my favorite way to express my creativity and self expression. fashion is ALL about self expression.


i love tees with saying on them that represent my thoughts and who i am. its displayed right there for you to read and learn about who i am. i've literally made friends from having a shirt that had a cool and relatable saying on it because someone read it, resonated with it also and started talking to me. this is the same with wearing your favorite sports team or favorite brand. for example: i wear adidas all the time because the brand preaches self expression, promotes positivity, inspires creativity, and supports each person to reach their goals.

  • pins and patches: this is one of my favoriteeeeee ways of self expression.

spice up your denim! everyone has a denim jacket, find one you love and get C R E A T I V E! add some pins and patches you like that have quotes and symbolism that you cultivate in your life. by doing this, your denim jacket not only has your own creativity attached to it that you have embraced and enhanced by actively looking for pins that align with your self expression, but it also helped you practiced your creativity by choosing the placement and style of the pins and patches.


here are some of my favorite places to get pins:


  • laptop stickers: pretty self explanatory and same concept as pin and patches except for your laptop! i get all of mine from redbubble.com (the banana leaf skin is from urban outfitters)

3. start a blog/youtube/instagram account

  • if you were looking for a sign to kickstart one of these things... here it is. fun fact: i created a fashion/sneaker account TWICE and deleted it TWICE before i stuck with it the third (and final time). i thought thought people would think it was weird/stupid/etc. but the truth of the matter is that finally sticking with "boostqueen/victoriaxstyle" has not only enhanced my creativity and self confidence to new levels, but its allowed to me to learn so much about myself and the way i CREATE. its so fun creating an instagram and website to my own style and while creating it, i learn more about my style and self expression. through photography, website development, youtube videos, blog posts, etc., i learn more about my creative style, the way i like to compose photos, and the way i like to edit, and the way i like to portray my voice. post anything you want to share, film or write about. the possibilities are truly endless and its all up to you. if you're stuck, there's so many resources (see #1) to help engage your creativity.

4. lastly, try something new.

  • you'll never know what creative skills you have unless you tap into them. its like a muscle, you must work @ it, you must practice it, and the more you practice, the stronger it gets.

  • the only reason why i actually got good at photography is because i bought a camera, carried to around everywhere and started taking pictures of everything and anything. i watched countless youtube videos and just practiced.

  • take a class. learn the basics of something new that you are interested in. take a painting class, take a dance class.

  • go to a museum, let it spark your creativity and inspire you (most of the time you can get in for free on certain days)

  • post a blog, youtube video, take some photos (see #3)

  • drawn on the street with some chalk

  • make a scrapbook with old photos you find around the house and add fun stickers and elements from michael's