why i decided to rebrand my instagram

first, you guys must know that this was not an impulsive decision and the idea to change my instagram name started about 5 months ago. the "boostqueen" name is obviously dear to my heart as it is how i started, it is a name my friends call me, and it is a name that has been branded by me for about 9 months now (i started my instagram account at the beginning of march 2017).

over the past months, i started to really put my personality behind this instagram. i share my mindset, outlook, school life, fashion life, etc. i feel that my voice is effectively portrayed across my pictures and captions and i really feel that this instagram is "me." when i first started this instagram, i didn't show my face or post instagram stories of myself for probably the first 1.5k. i really wanted this account to gain traffic because of my photos and sneaker/fashion.

of course my fashion style revolves heavily around adidas. truthfully there's not one day i don't wear the brand even if it's just my socks (lol). but this account not only features my fashion style but my lifestyle, too. my lifestyle and fashion go hand in hand; through my fashion and sneaker love, i try to influence you guys to be confident, be who YOU are, and follow your dreams. and now with the new website/blog element, i am simply showing you all my style of living. this is how i live my life, this is how i do thing, this is victoria style.

if i lose followers because of this, then so be it. this has always been "victoria" first, and then boostqueen. without my mindset, my creative skills, my photography style and my fashion style, this account would not exist regardless of its name. i am excited to see what this new chapter brings and i appreciate you all for standing behind this change.

my photos will not change much. regardless of my account name, i love ultraboosts and being cozy all the time. i love sneakers and street wear. i love posting inspirational quotes and random videos on my instagram story, and i love writing heartfelt captions in order to engage with you guys and learn all about you. like i said this account has featured my style from the very beginning and now i feel that i have more to give.