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i read something the other day that said: “The future is dark. Not dark, like, bad. Just dark. You can't see it. And maybe living is just bringing light to what you need in a day. Just.. seeing the day.” 

this really spoke to me. yes, the future IS dark. we literally have NO IDEA what tomorrow, next week, next month will bring. the quote says “SEEING the day” and “BRINGing the light” — its really just saying: ITS UP TO YOU to bring that happiness, that light, that love for being alive into your life every single day. if you open your eyes, take in life for all its simple pleasures, for all its day by day experiences… if you make the most of every interaction, inconvenience, experience, job, responsibility, ETC... then life will ALWAYS be lived on your own terms. 

you control your reactions, you control your next move, you control your thoughts. you are living RIGHT NOW. be sure to continuously set yourself up for the success & the completion of your goals, aspirations, dreams, etc. using whatever EACH DAY GIVES YOU. — YOU bring that light. YOU decide if that closed opportunity just paved a path for an even better one. YOU decide if you’re going to make that next move. 

small progressive progress plus big dreams mixed with determination, persistence, and hard work will always always always add up to SUCCESS.

— the JOURNEY is what it’s all about. i promise. —

remember #mondaysaregooddays and embrace the day... much love to you all 💛

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people ask me all the time, “so what do you do? how do you make a living?” and i literally respond with… “umm.. that’s a good question.” 😂 — 
i don’t know.. is it just me or do other people hate that question too?? how about you ask me about my impact on the world, ask me about my day, ask me about if i think its crazy that we are humans interacting and living on a planet that is spinning around the solar system (the answer is yes, i am always thinking about that bc it blows my mind). —
i’m 22 years old and i spend a lot of my time at my desk with my laptop & phone, freelancing, working part times jobs, doing affiliate things, etc. and to be honest, i get literal panic attacks thinking about being stuck in an office working a full time job for hours & hours a day making no REAL impact on the world. there are so many companies out there that do not care much for their employees and they just REAP you of your potential and your skills. i say NOPE.
i want to do so many things and i love so many things about life: writing, photography, travel, fitness, learning, having a positive impact, having a VOICE… i have a lot of thoughts and a lot of questions and i literally dont go one day thinking about the fact that tomorrow i could literally die. (sorry to be so blunt but its true) BUT everyday i also remember that i can LIVE!!! —
so thats what i do: i live. i live each day with a HUSTLE mindset and a kind heart. i spend each day setting myself up for success, seeing the silver linings in all situations and leading with love. and eventually… down the line… i’m sure my solidified career will fall into place… but for now i spend everyday bettering myself, in all aspects, living a balanced lifestyle where every movement is made with my best intensions and positive attitude… which in the long run will lead me to where im supposed to be.