i once received a package of 15 sneakers from adidas + many other very generous packages along the way. these other packages including extended partnerships with brands like Wanderlust, lady foot locker, Google, and Amazon. at the beginning, my promotion for the brand was from a place deep in my heart because of my genuine connection to adidas. eventually my relationship with my brand strengthen over time and has now turned into a range of amazing partnerships, affiliate links, and powerful content creation on my end for the brand. 

my affiliate links with adidas have generated revenue over $700+ for the brand from once single instagram post and IG story.

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i am passionate about empowering this world and inspiring others. i completely stand behind brands with an overall mission to promote something good into this world. Little Words Project® is female owned and inspires a culture of kindness among women, unites from all over, and empowers positivity and connectivity between those around us. they encourage others to join the #nicegirlgang. 

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